LB-Q500C: Magnetic Car Mount Wireless Charger


*Dual-purpose magnetic car mount wireless charger; With 3M glue dock which can stick this magnetic car mount on car dashboard stably, and also with strong clamp which can clip this magnetic car mount to air vent easily.
*The grip and magnet mechanism make sure your device is safe.
*Rubber padded charging plate providing adequate friction while protecting your device from scratches.
*Magnetic car mount can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted up or down 15 degrees, provides an opimized viewing angle.
*Simply place your Qi enabled device on the charging mount to start charging, charging while navigating has never been simpler.
NOTE: If your mobile phone is not Qi enabled, it needs to use with the wireless charging receiver.


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*Product Standard: Qi
*TX Input: DC5V/1.5A
*RX Output: DC5V/1A Max
*Conversion Rate: 75%
*Working Frequency: 110-205KHz
*Product size: 70mm(Φ)55mm(H)
*Product weight: 103g
*Package size: 100*100*60mm
*Color: black
*Certificates: CE FCC RoHS


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