Quality comes from love, to love lanbroo, to love the customers, to love what we do, to love the products… … 

The company emphasizes on strengthening the construction of company cultures, advocates enterprise cultures with “the maximization of company values at the core and the sales performance as the most important target”, and forms a value orientation which incorporates core elements such as “pursuit of excellence, respect for professionalism, transparency and efficiency, continuity of learning and equality in communication”.

Company Mottos: Realism and Innovation, Steadiness and Progression, Professionalism and Standardization, Affinity and Integrity;

Construct Teams, Achieve Self-actualization, Share Successes, Contribute to Society.

Core Values: Integrity, Steadiness, Innovation, Sharing.

Corporate Managerial Philosophy: Steady Progression, Standardized Operation, Credible Management, Prudent and Efficient.

Core Corporate Development Strategies: Professionalization, Standardization, Internationalization.

Corporate Strategic Goals:

  • Provide attractive products that could fulfill clients’ requirements.
  • Bring sustainable long-term development.
  • Completely focus on innovations, quality and management.
  • Organic growth combined with selected external growth.
  • Enhance cooperation with domestic and international companies and actively expand overseas businesses.
  • Maintain our competitive power and create values for customers, employees and every end-users.