LPB-01: 10000MAH Power Bank with 2-IN-1 Cable

1. MicroUSB input port
2. Dual USB output ports
3. Built-in MicroUSB cable and Lightning cable
4. Intelligent protection:
*Temperature protection
*Short-circuit protection
*Over-voltage & over-current protection
*Over-charge & over-discharge protection
*Battery PTC protection
*Reset protection
*Anti-reverse insert protection


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*Model No: LPB-01
*Actual Capacity: 8000 mah
*Battery Type: polymer lithium ion battery
*Input: DC5.0V/2.4A max
*Output: DC5.0V/2.4A max
*Material: ABS+rubber oil
*Product Color: White. Black. Grey. Gold. Rose-gold. Light-pink. Light-blue
*Product Size: 134*69 *12.8mm
*Product Weight: 138g


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